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Get all of your most common questions answered without having to send us an email. We already thought if them for you.

Why are CoolGirl’s items so much more expensive than other brands?

  • Running an ethical and sustainable brand takes a lot of time and money. Every choice we make for the environment costs more but will be totally worth it because you will feel good about your purchase. Not only are we making choices for the environment but we are also making positive choices for human rights. We don’t manufacture overseas where we can’t see the conditions of our workers. We want to guarantee a living wage and healthy working environment so we have opted for all production to be in the United States. All of our production is actually done by me, Sophia, the designer and seamstress for CoolGirl. All of our shipping is done by my Mom so the team is very small. When we end up needing to expand the team everyone we work with will be thoroughly vetted to meet our rigorous standards for safety and ethics. All our products are individually made and sewn to last. This takes extra time and so it contributes to our pricing. We price everything as fairly as possible given all of this information. 

Can I change my order?

  • After you have placed your order you cannot make any changes including the shipping address. Keeping track of changes can be extremely difficult and can lead to messed up orders. We want to avoid this possibility so double check your orders always before you place them. 

Do you have an ambassador program?

  • Yes. You can find the link to apply and all the info you need on the CoolGirl Ambassadors page. 

What is your return policy?

  • All return, refund, and exchange questions will be throughly answered on the refunds, returns, and exchanges page.